Little Red's 3rd Birthday Party: Sweet as a Strawberry

 We had such a lovely time. 

It was a hot day, but that didn't stop the littles from playing outside on the swings and with bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. They had such fun.

After everyone arrived, we opened gifts. 

After gifts we went ahead and had an early dinner and then cake so those who needed to get going could do so.

I'd grabbed a bunch of strawberry goodies from Trader Joe's: cookies, covered pretzels, covered almonds, etc.
Costco cake decorated with strawberries. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Bubbles are such a hit at this age. I love that littles can have so much fun for so long playing with something so simple.

We had a wonderful day all around. Our little strawberry was very loved and had so much fun. She definitely had a hard time winding down at bedtime. 

I'm glad everything went well and and equally glad we don't have to host it again for another year!


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