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Front Left Garden

 If you're tired of garden updates it's probably best to sit this one out. What can I say? This is my life these days. I explained the timeline of our home addition and the havoc it wreaked on that side of the yard. Well the side garden wasn't the only thing that has challenged me - the landscaping in front of the addition has been a pain, too. I knew I wanted flower beds in front of the addition, but there are a couple of challenges. We pretty much doubled the width of our house. That's no small space to fill which means a lot of work and a lot of money for plants. The other issue was that the left-most section is pretty much full sun, but as you get closer to the center of the house it's more like partial sun. This makes symmetry a real chore.  When we added flower boxes last year I felt like they went a long way in adding character and filling in some of the boring space. I had purchased a few things and was given several things and the space was on it's way

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