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Random Reads: Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers

 I just finished reading Another Gospel? and it was a huge blessing to me. The author, Alisa Childers, walks us through her crisis of faith and her search for the truth of Biblical Christianity. Here are a few quotes: Put simply, original sin explains what's wrong with the world, an it's an integral part of the gospel because if nothing is broken, nothing needs to be fixed. The gospel means "good news" because it is the cure for the disease of sin.  Like wheat and tares, true ideas and false ideas have grown together throughout church history, and it's up to faithful Christians to be watchful and diligent to compare every idea with the Word of God and see if it lines up.  Progressive Christians assume they are painting God in a more tolerant light by denying the substitutionary atonement of Jesus. But in reality, they are simply constructing a codependent and impotent god who is powerless to stop evil. That god is not really good. That god is not the God of the Bi

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