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What No One Tells You About Kinship Care Pt 1

 What no one tells you about kinship care is that the parents love to accuse you of stealing their child. They overlook the fact that the system took the child because of harm caused by the parents. They forget the fact that the systems spent years trying to provide services to those parents to facilitate reunification.  They gloss over the fact that the only alternative to terminating rights and moving on is keeping a child in the system, in limbo, for years. Maybe even their entire childhood.  Most of these parents are drug addicts. And accusing and blaming everyone but themselves is a protective mechanism that calms their conscience. I get that. But it gets old and is one of the many reasons kinship foster/adoptive parents end up having to cut ties and end relationships with bio parents. We know it's a false accusation, but it wears us down over time. 

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