2024 Michigan Family Vacation Day 7: Warren Dunes State Park

 The only beach day of the trip!

This morning's coffee stop was really fun and unique. The coffee shop had fun swing seats which was a big hit with the toddler and the teen. 

Then we had to cross the street just to look at the rootbeer barrel restaurant. It wasn't open, but it was still neat. 

We checked out of the motel, hitched up the trailer, and started our drive South. We found lunch in Sawyer, MI at an adorable Polish bakery. The lunch menu was very limited, but the pastries stretched as far as the eye could see.

We walked next door to an antique shop, but it ended up being more of an art gallery. Everything was much too pricey for us and not very toddler friendly! So on we went!

We made it to Warren Dunes State Park in good time. Not sure of what to expect, we just started walking. It was still too chilly for us to swim, although others were out in the water. So we settled on the beach and found that it was actually really pleasant. There were no shells, but lots of interesting rocks and pebbles. Tim walked around to take photos. Little Red played in the sand. Gabe and I looked through rocks. Ben sat near little miss and rested. 

After about 2 hours clouds started moving in. It was just starting to rain as we packed up and headed on our way. It ended up working out great because we were right at nap time and we had a 2 hour drive to Paul and Amanda's house in IN. We made good time and were able to drop off Tim and the trailer at the hotel before heading over to Paul's for dinner.

We ate pizza and cake and spent the evening catching up. Paul had come down to meet the little one, but Amanda had yet to meet her. A storm had moved in and it was absolutely pouring when we arrived, but it made for a cozy evening. We stayed until bedtime and then headed back to the hotel for our last sleep before home.

Paul's 3D printed helmet

We agreed the visibility was better than expected, but the echo...yikes.


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