2024 Michigan Family Vacation Day 6: Holland, MI

 We popped into Saugatuck for coffee first thing. And maybe some pastries, as well. 

After everyone was fed, we loaded up and drove to Holland, MI to see Windmill Gardens. The tulip festival was over which meant no more tulips, but no crowds, either. It was very serene and lovely.

We wound our way through the park, checking out the windmill first.

It was open so we were able to go inside and climb to the top, learning about the windmill as we went.

Little Miss on the grinder

View from the top

Next, we walked around the backside of the park.

The kids road the carousel and played on the playground.

Miniature village, giftshop, and greenhouse.

Tulip chairs
My little dutch baby

There was also an interesting water feature the guys were way into.

The guys were salty because a pack of little kids were hogging this the first time we passed by it.

The timing was right to be able to hear the organ so we popped over there for a bit.
Back of the organ. We were allowed to stand here to watch it operating. It was interesting, but extremely loud.

Organ barn

Working organ

The greenhouse was our last stop. This was a developing exhibit so there wasn't much to see, but there was a good bit of information on the various types of tulips as well as some flowers and plants on display.

We'd had a lovely time and saw pretty much everything there was to see. Everyone was hungry so we headed into downtown Holland to Bowermans on 8th. This may have been my favorite restaurant of the trip. There was no way to try all of the interesting items they offered. They do their best to use blueberries in as many dishes as possible, including my chicken salad. Such a cool idea. Everything was amazing!

There was plenty of shopping downtown so we stayed and browsed for a good bit.

After lunch and shopping, we headed back for a nap at the hotel. After our nap we decided to check out a local lookout. After walking up and then down hundreds of steps, we felt we'd earned some ice cream.

We had just enough daylight left to enjoy the motel grounds for a bit before hitting the hay.

Little girl, big swing

Random sign that made us laugh.


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