Gabe's 17th Birthday

 Gabey-boy. Gabey-baby. My little Gabester. 17. 17!!

A chillin'

Birthday hugs

tostitos, gyros, toasted rav, and cheese sticks - teen boy food!

Headphone holder made by Ben. 

We had some friends and family over and played some board games and Jackbox. We played Secret Hitler, Telestrations, and Anomia - which was hysterical and had us all rolling. 

Ben made him a headphone holder for his desk and we also surprised him with the complete set of Series of Unfortunate Events books since the ones he'd had were Chelsea's. 

I can't get over the fact that he's 17. One more year until he's an adult. Good grief.

He's been doing great in his studies. He's in the middle of and English 101 class at Jeffco and is doing really well. He's always been a good writer, though, so no surprise there. He's still coding and always quick to print something on the 3D printer or make something on the laser cutter. 

Gabe's also become a great big brother. Such a big transition after over 16 years of being the baby. He's handled it really well and has a real affection for Little Red. He's patient and understanding and she ADORES him like crazy. 

I love this kid. He's a great guy and just a neat person. Can't wait to see what the future holds for him.


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