Out and About

 Ben has been wanting to get some more headache salve and realized that the company has a nearby store. So we bundled up the Strawberry and set out. I'd just recently purchased a stroller off of Marketplace and she's obsessed with it. She loves riding around in it. 

Our first stop was Kind Apothecary. 

I'm so glad we went to the store because I'd seen they had a new scent that I was really excited about but they only had it in a gift set online. In the store I was able to get body butter in the new scent!

We saw the macaron shop next door so we had to stop in. YUM! 

The nearby bookstore was closed, but we did check out a couple of other little nearby stores. Little Miss did great the entire time. I found myself wishing I'd bundled up a bit better so we could keep walking. Oh well, next time!!


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