The Cross and Some Cookies

 One of my besties has a hubby that's a welder and he offered to talk to Luke about welding. Plus, Little Red hadn't met them yet so we spent the morning with them. 

We arrived at 10:30 and the guys didn't emerge from the shop until almost 2. In that time, Luke made this:

Its about 18 to 24 inches and heavy as can be. I LOVE it. Luke was pretty stoked and really proud of himself. He really enjoyed welding and wants to learn.

Meanwhile, we got to love on kitties. 

We also drank tea, talked about Lord of the Rings, petted bunnies and baby goats, and took a tour of the homestead. 

After nap, we spent the evening at Chels and Nates and the girls decorated cookies.

Head first

Little Bit was too little to join in, but I needed a picture with her, too.


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