Getting Ready for Christmas

 I've got all of the indoor decor up. 

Of course, we needed new stockings this year.

This set worked out perfectly. I got a Gingy, Gabe got a penguin, and Little Red got a Frosty. Also, it makes me so happy to see the Nativity scene being played with and enjoyed again. Ben and I laughed that we'll never have a nice nativity. Oh well!

In other news, Gabe is really taking to being a big brother. He really enjoys having Little Miss around. He even likes teasing her. 

She thinks he's amazing. She loves both of the boys, actually. And they think she's just the best thing. 

Also, also, I know I keep posting picture of A and Ben working, but it gets me every time. He is SO patient and accommodating. Even when she insists on wearing ear buds that don't fit in her tiny ears. 



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