Last Full Day

 I was surprised at how emotional I was all day today, knowing that it was our last full day in WA. I'm so glad A is coming to live with us, but I'm sad about this transition - for her and for the dear people she's leaving behind. Even though it's the right move in the long run, it's still a loss for her and I'm so mindful of that. 

We started off the day with a trip to the nearby falls. Just the 3 of us.

Little Miss was such a trooper, walking up and down stairs and through the park to the falls and back. She was absolutely darling. 

After the falls we went to get coffee and a snack. We happened to have a Grandpa Don sighting. Thankfully the gentleman had a sense of humor about it.

This girl loves pumpkins

 Before dinner we went with FM and her girls on a short hike to see the troll. So fun!

After dinner we had a little going away celebration with pink cupcakes. We sang Happy Birthday to everyone at the table, one at a time, so we all got a chance to blow out candles. G gave A a gift and we all tried not to sob our hearts out. We put her to bed and said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel to try and get some rest.


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