Cruise Day 7 and 8: Resting Up

 I had an awful cold so the last couple days of the cruise were very relaxed.

We did our best to use up our coffee cards and visited the juice bar every day. We also swam in the pool for a bit early on day 7 just because we hadn't been swimming at all during the trip.

I was really dragging and not much fun. I knew I needed to rest so that I wouldn't be miserable on the flight home. 

We did manage to make it to formal dining one last time. Our waiter and the supervisor made a big fuss about our 25th wedding anniversary with a loud announcement and a special dessert. It was really sweet.

Our flight home was uneventful. We got off the ship and made it to the airport with hours to spare. I was feeling better so it wasn't totally miserable. We just took our time. At lunch, grabbed coffee, browsed the shops and took it easy. We were home at about 6pm which was great - plenty of time to catch up with the boys and unpack before collapsing into bed.


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