Cruise Day 6: Curacao

 What a day! 

We got going at a good time, but it was still hot. We first walked to the fort. The fort housed several restaurants, cafes, and shops. Very little was open, but we wandered around before crossing the bridge into town.

I was really struggling in the heat and just didn't have much energy. I could tell I was whiny and hated it, but didn't know what my deal was. We grabbed some smoothies and then gelato and that cooled me down and perked me up. I was still dragging so we ended up going back to the ship. It wasn't long before I started feeling horrible - exhausted, hot and cold, and just miserable. I ended up sleeping for several hours. 

We finally got up and got going and saw an ice show. The technical abilities of the skaters were fantastic, but the story was really odd. 


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