Cruise Day 5: Aruba

 Ben was feeling well enough for us to go ahead on the bus tour we'd booked. It was called The Hidden Gem of Aruba. An air-conditioned bus shuttled us around to a few places. 

The first stop was a quick bonus - some Catholic grotto. It was not worth stopping for, honestly.

Our next stop was Fontein cave. It was a short stop. We walked through a cave and saw some cave drawings. Outside the cave, we walked to a watering hole where wild goats were drinking. 

Next up was the Quadirikiri cave. This one had a steep staircase leading up into the cave. We all gathered around and the guide pointed out a natural skylight that's shaped like a heart. He had each couple pose for a picture. 

 Our next stop was to the Casibari Rock Formations.

After a nap and dinner on the ship, we decided to go back into town and walk around. We browsed a few shops and a cafe.

The night wasn't over yet! Back on the ship we managed to watch a juggling show and grabbed a late-night tea in while listening to jazz. 


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