Cruise Day 1: Anchors Away!

 We booked a cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary not knowing it would also be our last hurrah, as well. There have been many times we doubted ourselves on whether or not we should be going on this cruise at all with everything we have going on and such a short timeline between when we get back and when we have to leave for WA, but we forged ahead anyway. 

Since we had such an early flight, we decided to stay in a hotel near the airport and catch a shuttle over in the morning. Many people recommend flying out the day before a cruise in case there are flight delays, but we didn't want to tack on yet another day to our itinerary. Personally, I will never again fly out the same day as the cruise starts. It ended up being an incredibly long day and I was exhausted by the end of it. Not to mention the nagging anxiety of worrying about our flight being on time, etc. Not worth it, imo.

Despite the worry, everything went well and we were actually able to board early. We wandered the ship for a bit until we were permitted into our cabin and just got the feel of the place.



Bionic Bar manned by robots


Seating area in our cabin

Our home for the next 8 days


Game room


Interior view





Aqua theater

Aqua theater

Wonderland Restaurant seating

We were supposed to see a show in the aqua theater, but they were having technical difficulties. We weren't too upset. It was nice to unpack and explore the ship.


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