2023 NE Vacation Day 9: Newport, RI

 We started off the day at the Cliffwalk, which is as path between the coastline and the back yards of a variety of beautiful mansions. Part of the path is paved, part is just large boulders, and there are tunnels to walk through, too.

We'd parked for free at the Breakers mansion. The guard cautioned us that they were expecting a high volume of visitors so we cut our Cliffwalk trek a bit short so we could return to the mansion at about 10:30. This was an unplanned stop for us so we didn't realize it was a Vanderbilt property until we started the tour. We got a kick out of that since we've already visited the Vanderbilt's main property, the Biltmore. 

Next, we decided to explore a bridge we'd seen.

Gabe found thin shards of shale

Next up was a windmill:

Lunch and coffee was next, in the cutest little place there in Jamestown, RI.

After driving for a bit, we found ourselves in CT. Yantic Falls made for a quick 25-minute stop. 

With plenty of time on our hands, we were able to spend about an hour at Ender's Forest State Park. The water was pretty muddy, but the waterfalls were still really neat. Very quiet and serene.

Gabe was done for the day so we checked into our hotel and he stayed back while the rest of us had a wonderful dinner at a little Italian place. 


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