2023 NE Vacation Day 8: Boston

 We had snow and cold in NH and today we had rain in MA. Thank goodness for ponchos and umbrellas!

The Boston Freedom Trail. You can follow this brick path all around the city and see the major historical sites.

Holocaust Memorial

Loving Embrace in Boston Commons


Former mayor of Boston

Took refuge in a neat bookstore

Toured Paul Revere's home and saw a spinning demo

Quincy Market where we stopped for souvenirs, lunch, and restrooms. 

Street musician

Tim. Not obeying the signs.

Ben and I made sure to get our photo together. We visited Boston for our honeymoon almost 25 years ago!

I was really hoping to see the Computer Museum again, but it closed down just a year after we were there. Gabe would have enjoyed it. 

The rest of our day was spent battling traffic. Taylor Swift is performing in a day or two so the traffic is crazy and hotels are booked up and expensive. Whew! We were finally able to make it to Newport, RI and find a hotel and dinner. It poured on and off all day long so we were glad to call it a night on this one!


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