2023 NE Vacation Day 3: NY

 Ben perked up enough this morning to go to Goat Island and see Niagra. 

Next stop was Buffalo, NY

Posing for their album cover

Coffee shop with old shoe-shine station

We had to stop in this cute little town, Mt. Morris. Lot's of shops to browse through and Ben was able to find some bears to pose with. 

Watkin's Glen State Park was next and I was so excited for this hike. It's often described as "otherworldly." I didn't get to see for myself because the main attraction, the Gorge hike, wasn't open until the weekend. We hiked down the North Rim trail and back the South Rim and they were a terrible disappointment. I was pretty salty about it. 

Buttermilk Falls State Park was only a short drive away so we went there, too. It was lovely. Couldn't do the whole hike, though, due to all the stairs. We'd already done a lot of stairs and steps at Watkins and were worn out. Still very pretty, though.


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