2023 NE Vacation Day 13: Gettysburgh

 The hotel breakfast was lacking so we scouted out a local coffee house and grabbed breakfast there.

Poor Gabe was sick today so our time at Gettysburg was cut short. We still spent several hours and enjoyed our time, but the park is so huge we easily could have stayed longer. 

We started off at the vast Visitor's Center and museum. Everything was very well done. After about an hour in the museum, we watched the park movie and then experienced the cyclorama. 


Abe and Gabe


Button from a MO soldier

Next we started on the self-paced auto tour.

PA memorial

PA Memorial

Feeling hungry, we decided to spend some time in the town of Gettysburg. There were tons of cute shops and restaurants. 

We went ahead and hit the road. Most of the day was just driving, but we did finally manage to hit up a Tim Hortons. It was cheap and gross, but we can at least say we've been to one now. 


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