2023 NE Vacation Day 12: PA

 We started off our day at Valley Forge. After a quick stop at the museum and Visitor's Center, we elected to take the self-guided auto tour.

We knew we wanted to try and see some things in Philly so we had to rush through, which was such a bummer because the park is huge and beautiful. There are so many things to do. A lot of locals visit just to walk and ride the trails.

The Mercer museum was very interesting! Mr. Mercer was a collector whose main interest was tools. He carefully collected and arranged tools by trade. Woodworkers, clock-makers, doctors, butchers, spinners. glass blowers, basket weavers, on and on and on an on. Really, anything you can think of. Room after room for 7 stories. The guys grew bored after a while, but I was fascinated. 

The main floor hosted an exhibit on music. Musical instruments of all kinds were gathered. We almost passed on it, but it ended up being very interesting.

The last stop of the day was Philly. We knew we'd be rushed, but with the other stops of the day, along with lunch, traffic, and parking, we really only had about 40 minutes to see everything before it was all closed for the day. It was hardly worth it, to be honest. We'll have to go back.

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

We also walked to see Benjamin Franklin's grave, but the cemetery was closed. We decided to cut our losses and get back on the road so that we'd have plenty of time the next day to see Gettysburg.


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