2023 NE Vacation Day 10: CT

 CT was frustrating. We really just could not find anything terribly exciting to do or see in Hartford. We decided, instead to go down and tour Yale. Big mistake as it was graduation day and the library opened 2 hours later than it usually does. So we walked around and snapped some pictures of the gorgeous buildings. 

We snagged coffee in a nearby coffee shop and I was in love with the aesthetic. I love my life and am grateful for how it's turned out, but I think I would have really enjoyed an academic environment like Yale. I'd love to return and explore more.

Having decided to cut our losses, we headed down the road. Lunch was had a a wonderful seaside Greek place with amazing fries. 

A few more minutes down the road and we arrived at Silver Sands State Park. 

We've visited a lot of beaches and coastlines over the years so I was intrigued when I read about the vast amounts of shells on this beach. Reports were not exaggerated! There were HEAPS of shells. I could have taken them home by the shovel-full!

We continued on until we found ourselves in the Wildwoods, on the Jersey shore. It was chilly and windy and nothing was open yet but we explored the boardwalk for a while. Tim and Gabe called it a night, but Ben and I went out and grabbed dinner. 


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