2023 NE Vacation Day 1: Driving

 Today begins the last vacation EVER where we cram in state after state. From now on, we'll only be visiting 1 or 2 states at a time. CRAZY!

The day started off slow. Ben woke up feeling horrible and run down. We delayed our departure until 10am. I ended up trading off driving a few times to let Ben sleep. He was really struggling and of course the first day was a big driving day. 

Made it to Indianapolis, IN to eat and Ben was able to get some food and walk around a bit before we headed back out. 

Canal Bridge

Canal view

Canal bridge lock

Our original goal was to make it to Pittsburgh and have a couple of hours to explore, but Ben just couldn't do it so we ended up stopping in OH. Not a great start to our vacation, but here's hoping he'll perk up tomorrow!


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