Yard Progress Pics 2023

 I started from scratch on all of my landscaping and some of it had to be redon due to the house addition. It's been slow-going. It's finally starting to get there. 

Here's what I have in front of the addition:

These are looking terrible, but the roots aren't dead...sooo??

New this year. I love the little purple flowers. 

Starting to fill in!

New kid on the block. 

Old standbys come back again and agai.

Struggling. I put some rich soil around these guys to help encourage growth. If they still look bad by Fall, I'm going to pull them out and put them somewhere with more shade.

Borage. This was a cutting that has really taken off.

The yellow/green plants in back, near the driveway, are cray. They spread like nothing else. I'm going to keep them, but I've been aggressively thinning them. 

Little creek bed that I want to clean up this year and make prettier.

From the top down. It's filling in!

Ground cover is really doing well.

My pretty irises! 

This is the view from the bottom.  A friend gifted me a ton of medium and small pots that I cannot wait to fill with dirt and plants. 


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