January 2023 Trip Day 9: Everglades and Ft. Myers

 We started the day off with a trip to Robert's. It's an open-air market that sells milkshakes and smoothies using their tropical fruit. The guys got a milkshake and I got a smoothie, but I don't recall the flavors. Mine was supposed to taste like chocolate pudding...it did not. Still a neat experience, though! We bought a couple of the specialty fruits to take home.

Next stop, the Everglades! We drove to the main visitor's center and walked along the path/boardwalk. There were a couple crocs there to greet us.

This guy was right off of the path. No barrier between him and the visitors! That's the closest I've ever been to one of these guys. 

This is a pig in disguise. The greedy little guy caught a fish, but it was too big to eat so he had it dangling out of his mouth. He'd try and swallow it from time to time, but with no luck. I wonder what happened to him!

Having made our way across the state, we started heading North. We spent the evening exploring Ft. Myers. 

When I took this picture, I thought it was of a weary man leaning against a pole. Now I'm pretty sure it's a man about to relieve himself. Keep it classy, Ft. Myers.

Amazing sunset off the pier. 

Evening walk

But the fun wasn't over yet!

We had a flat tire! We aired up the tire and made it to the hotel. Once Gabe and our belongings were stashed in our room, we changed the tire in the parking lot. At least the weather was nice!


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