January 2023 Trip Day 7: Miami and Biscayne National Park

 First stop: Miami! We grabbed coffee at the Wynwood Garage. I'm not a car gal nor a guitar gal and I still LOVED this place. It's so incredibly cool. I had to go into the bathroom and hide my tears at Luke not being there to experience it with us.

Next was Walls on Wynwood:

We would like to have seen more of Miami, but I was still a bit worn down and parking was hard to come buy. Loved all of the street art.

Because our time in Miami was short, we had time to stop by Biscayne National Park. Most of the activities here are water-based, but they do have a nice boardwalk to walk on. 

Nearby was Homestead Park. We ate a mediocre dinner there and then walked along the man-made lagoon.

By the end of the day we'd made it all the way down to Key Largo where we had dinner at the cutest little place. Then we grabbed a motel room right on a canal.


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