January 2023 Trip Day 11: Home!

 We started off with breakfast at First Watch in Kennesaw, GA, where we'd stopped for the night. 

The rest of the day was just driving. We found a cool Somali café in Nashville. 

The Horn

For Ben's sticker collection

We ended the day with a sweet treat in Cape Girardeau. Hey, we're still on vacation!

We made it home before dark and had time to empty the car and even unpack before bedtime. It was soo good to see the cats! 

The whole trip had a bit of a pall hanging over it because we didn't know how Franklin was behaving. We got good reports from the pet sitter, but we were still nervous. Well, we need not have worried because he did great. No spraying, no tearing into things. No health issues. Kate did tell us that he got his paw stuck in a sticky trap and had to be cleaned up, but that's pretty mild where he's concerned so we'll consider that a success!

Goodbye, FL! It was a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you again!


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