Casey, IL

We haven't seen Paul and Amanda since 2019 so we're taking a weekend trip to see them! The week before we left, a friend alerted us to this cute little town along the way and it sounded so neat we knew we'd have to stop. 

If you're anywhere near Casey, IL, you have to stop in! They are home to a several "World's Largest" items and even more "big" items. 



The seesaw wasn't running, but it does actually work.


Rocking horse in the rock shop

World's biggest rocking chair

Each piece has a coordinating verse.

Even the library gets in on the fun

Old cemetery. Mid 1800s!

I hope this doesn't seem disrespectful. We were awed at the size of some of the headstones!

Found my dream house!

Cafe coziness

Most of the items were right in the center of town. With lunch and shopping, I think we spent maybe two hours. And it's exactly halfway to our destination. Perfect!


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