On the Deck

 Our deck has been a blank slate for years. We had some old patio furniture out there including a table where I plopped down some plants. That was it. I've hated how it looks especially since we keep the curtains open on the sliding glass doors so you see the deck no matter where you are in our open-floor-plan main living area. It was not inviting or aesthetically pleasing.

I decided this was the year of the deck and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I purchased two inexpensive chairs from Lowe's in a bright teal color. A new coffee table, some lights, and a bunch of planters from the garden and it looks great!

My mom gave me two flamingo-pink planters a couple years ago that I wasn't sure what do do with. But they look really good with the cheery teal chairs so that ended up being perfect. The big planters are all from my garden space. I needed to make room for the new garden beds Ben built so this was a perfect solution. 

I'll have to get better pictures soon!


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