Happy Graduation Day, Luke!

Today we celebrated Luke's graduation from high school!

Ice cream sundae bar

That year-in-the-life banner was fun to put together!

The Boyz (minus one)

Treats for days!

We had a good turn out and I think everyone had a good time. 13 years of workbooks, co-ops, field trips and a few college classes to boot all wrapped up and done with. It's hard to believe it's over.

Luke isn't sure what he wants to do right now. He's going to work full time this summer and then we'll revisit the question in the Fall. I don't like the unknown, but he needs some downtime before jumping into the next phase.

Gabe finished his Freshman year of highschool so I have three years left as a homeschooling mom. I'm not sure what to think of that. Homeschooling has been a big part of our life and it's been a joy. I've learned a lot over the years and am not in a hurry for it to end!


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