Goodbye, Leo

 Today we said goodbye to our littlest furbaby. 

Ben and Gabe took him in for the procedure while Luke and I stayed home. I suggested we love on him all morning and then get a group picture of him. He had gone downhill so fast that he looked...scraggly. I didn't like any of the pictures I got of his face because he looked so sick so we put him on his little blanket and placed our hands on him.

This was right before placing him in the carrier to take him to the vet. 

We'd spent all of last night on the couch with him and the other cats. We just petted and snuggled him. Luke stayed up with him for several hours after the rest of us went to bed. Before going to bed himself, Luke brought him back to our bed to sleep the rest of the night. 

This morning he got up with the other cats for breakfast, but he didn't show any interest in food. He just wanted to be there doing whatever the big cats were doing. He spent the rest of the day on the couch. We all took turns loving on him until it was time to go.

The appt was at 10:15 and everything moved pretty smoothly there. First, they gave him a sedative and then they placed a catheter in his front leg. Ben held him while the sedative took effect. The vet returned and gave the injection. He was gone in a matter of seconds. Ben and Gabe got to pet on him for a bit before placing him on a special blanket for him to be taken away. 

Luke and I just sat on the couch at home crying. Little remnants of Leo were everywhere. His toys, his bowls. He liked to sit there and snuggle on that blanket here. The house was so quiet. 

Ben and Gabe came straight home and they were pretty drained. Ben had been pretty stoic up until everything started happening at the vet. We all sat around for about an hour just crying and looking at pictures and remembering how sweet and funny he'd been. 

Leo, you were only a part of our family for a short time and yet you captured our hearts. You filled up our house with meows, and shenanigans, and lots and lots of purring. At the end, as you slowed down, you were never one of those cats that hid, but you preferred to be with one of us every. single. moment. You were the tiniest being in the house, but you managed to take up the most room and demanded the most attention. And I'm so glad because even though you were gone way too soon, we all felt we got to soak up and enjoy every moment.

We'll miss you, buddy, and will remember you always. 


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