Photo Challenge Day 9: Everyday Moments

 We have a new furbaby in the house!

Erica knew we'd been looking for a new floof so she alerted me to the presence of kittens at the local shelter. She ended up adopting one of his siblings. Once I saw that black, long-haired little guy I knew we had to go get him. 

He was super sweet and chill and very friendly. There was an orange kitten there that was a fun little spitfire, but we didn't want to freak out our older cats too much so we stuck with this little guy. 

We thought long and hard about what his name should be and ultimately kept his given name which is Leo. He was named after the constellation, but we figured it could easily stand for Leonardo, the great scientist and inventor. Ben lobbied hard for Elon, to go with our other 'E' named cats, but Leo seemed to fit him just right. 

Welcome home, Leo!


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