Daily Photo Challenge Day 5: Stacked


I quickly gathered all of the books strewn about the living room and kitchen and stacked them up. 

From top to bottom:

50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know by Bridges and Curtis - this is a fairly cheesy book that the boys and I are reading every day. It's all about manners. The book has sparked good conversation and I have seen the boys taking a lot of it to heart. 

Inside Narnia by Brown - Gabe received this book from us for Christmas. He loves anything about Tolkien and Lewis. 

Mama Bear Apologetics by Ferrer - I read this book, then I facilitated a group on it, now I'm having the boys read it. Yes, they are reading a book for "Mama Bears." Unfortunate title because really every believer should read this book.

Ben's Bible

Ben's One Year Bible

My ancient study Bible

The Real Anthony Fauci by Kennedy - It's a frustrating read so I have to take it in small doses. I'm glad someone took the time to compile all of this nonsense.

The Last Shadow by Card - I love the Ender books!

Bass Guitar Exercises - Picked up from the library for Luke

Mythology - Picked up this one for Gabe. He loves mythology.

Nourishing Traditions by Fallon - I've had this forever and am having the boys read through it for nutrition.

Our Constitution Rocks by Turner - I think I found this at a thrift store. It's for younger kids, but it's really, really well written and is informative without being dry. The boys have learned a lot. Too few people are familiar with our Constitution.

I have to say, I think this random assortment of books gives a fairly good snapshot of our family!


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