Vitamin C Paste

 Somehow I haven't posted about this vitamin c paste, yet, but it's my new obsession. Any time we can get vitamins and minerals from real food sources I jump at the chance. Finding this recipe was pretty exciting.

Plus, it's pretty.


...just add honey and now it's a paste.

Herbal vitamin C recipe

(Time: 15 min. Yield: 30 3/4 inch balls)

2 tbsp. Acerola berry powder

1 tbsp. Amla powder

2 tbsp. Rosehip powder

1 tbsp. orange peel powder

2 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. powdered hawthorn berry  (improves circulation).

5 tbsp. local raw honey


Put the first 5 herbs in a small bowl. Pour the honey over the acerola, amla, rosehip, orange peel, and hawthorn berry, one tablespoon at a time. Stir well to incorporate the honey into the herbs.

As you get near the end of stirring the honey into the herbs it will become more difficult. Begin to knead the herbal dough to incorporate the last of the powdered herbs. The dough will be soft and pliable and form a large ball.

Pinch off 3/4 inch bits of the dough (about the length of your thumb from tip to the first joint). Between your thumb and forefinger, roll each piece into a small ball 3/4 inches in diameter. Roll in the hawthorn berry powder. Hawthorn provides antioxidants, improves circulation and is a heart tonic.

Repeat these steps until all the dough is used up and you have about 30 —  3/4  inch balls. Roll each ball in the additional hawthorn powder.

Store these vitamin C supplement “pills” in a wide mouth glass jar in the fridge. Once these are chilled, the texture is firm and chewy.

 Dose: A good rule of thumb is to eat 1 to 2 of these at the beginning of a meal, 3 or 4 times a day to give your body the antioxidants it needs.


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