Pumpkin Puree

 Today I'm celebrating the last of the pumpkin puree! This is the final batch of 35lbs of pumpkin. It was an experience, for sure!

I use a lot of pumpkin puree and it's hit or miss around here. Plus, a friend told me that most of the nutrients are in the rind so I can include that when I make it myself. 

I start by cutting off the stem, then I scoop out the guts, place the flesh in the instant pot for 15 minutes, puree it in the blender, fill jars, and then can it in the pressure canner. Usually I complete the first 5 steps one day and then do the actual canning on another day. 

Funny enough, Ben ended up finding organic pumpkin at Costco so we snagged two boxes. Suffice it to say, I'm good on pumpkin now!


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