O Christmas Tree!

Having teens is really for the birds sometimes. 

Not because they're "difficult" or "awful" or whatever reason most people complain about, but because they just aren't around as much. Also, all of the traditions we've built up over the years that used to bring them so much joy are just inconveniences to them now. It's a bummer!

Gone are the days of driving out to a Christmas tree farm, selecting just the right tree, and setting up the tripod and camera to capture the perfect family photo. This year Luke was simply too busy with work and finals so Ben and I drove 15 minutes down the road to a tree lot. 

This year has been full of lots of transitions as we have to rethink how we've always done things in the past as a family. It's sad, but also just a necessary part of life and it means that our kids are actually growing up which I guess is the whole point of this raising kids thing. I hope we can continue to find new and creative ways of connecting with the boys during the holidays instead of just forcing the old rituals and routines on them. I want them to feel rooted in, but not bound by, tradition. It's a fine line for sure.

At any rate, the tree was put up. I placed a million lights on it and enjoyed seeing each of the new ornaments we added this year on vacation. Ben surprised me with a Christmas tree box to place the tree in and I really like how it looks! Beautiful work, as always.

So, here's to a the start of another Christmas season! No matter what changes we face, we're together and we're healthy and that's all that really matters anyway. 


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