First semester DONE!

 My high school senior just completed his first two college classes!

He learned a lot about time management and perseverance, that's for sure. 

The Intro to College class had lots of #woke nuggets in it so that prompted some discussion. I asked him if he was being indoctrinated and we had a good laugh. 

Next semester he's enrolling in a music class and geography. Oh, and he's changed his major to music. It's what he's always loved and it's what he's good at. We have no idea where it will lead so that's scary, but he's got time to figure it out and lots of the classes he takes can easily be applied toward another degree if/when he changes it.

I cannot believe he has ONE semester left. One. 

For reference, here's my sweet kindergartener: 

I did not realize when I selected this photo that he's wearing a guitar shirt!


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