Christmas Eve 2021

 We celebrated Christmas Eve with Karen and Don in their new home. After dinner we opened gifts and then we spent the rest of the evening playing card games and eating snacks.

The evening was perfect! 

Tim gave everyone a shirt so we had to get a picture. I'll have to get that from him and add it to the post. 

My boys

Cookie Board

Ben's favorite gift of 2021 - a mallet

Ben and Jenn

This year the boys did a great job of gift-giving! We talked about spending time really thinking about an individual before buying a gift. What do they like? What do they enjoy? What are their favorite movies, shows, games, activities, pastimes, color, animal, etc, etc, etc. They took all of that to heart and really planned out what their purchases.  Luke bought Tim, Ben, and I DnD dice in our favorite colors. He bought Tim a cool pageboy hat (Tim loves hats and didn't have that one yet), and bought Karen a puzzle and some yarn. Gabe bought Karen gloves (because she's always cold), and Tim some cool rocks and fossilized dino poo to photograph. I was proud of them!

Luke's favorite gift of the evening was probably the cash Karen gave him. Gabe's was most likely the Narnia book collection. After all these years he finally has his own set! Ben was thrilled with his mallet and the stack of wood Don gave him, and I was most excited about my new cookie jar and my new John McArthur study Bible.


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