Christmas Day 2021

 I'm so glad we have laid-back Christmas Days. I know not everyone has that luxury, but it has been a big blessing to us. When the boys were young it seemed like a necessity, but we appreciate it just as much now that they're older.

All we did was open gifts, clean up, and then....nothing!

Ready to jump in!

Boy Cat supervising

Opening Luke's gift - a board game!


Gabe received his own set of Harry Potter books, Luke got a new phone, Ben received a cool board game, and I got a bunch of Chuck Missler books. Among other things. Again, the boys worked hard on the gifts they gave others and they really knocked it out of the park. 

We've really enjoyed the Advent videos from Jeff Durbin. The boys loved all of the specific examples of how Christ's birth fulfilled prophecy. The whole things was done well and very informative.

With both boys rapidly approaching adulthood, I'm glad we have these down days to share and remember. 


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