Thanksgiving 2021

This year was light on people, but big on food!

Homemade cranberry sauce

Homemade bread

Prepping green beans

A full plate!

Rice and veggie soup

A full spread

We had: turkey, ham, soup, bread, rolls, green beans sautéed with almonds and cranberries, cranberry sauce, kale salad, roasted carrots, smashed potatoes, gravy, and buttery corn. Plus 4 kinds of pie and homemade whipped cream! YUM.

After dinner, most of the group played Jackbox while I chatted with Anna and played with the babies. Then we had dessert and people started to head home. It was a full evening and a nice time.

Ben and Mavis

Grams and her boys

Grams feeling short

Grandma Karen and the boys

I don't really decorate the table anymore because we usually have people cancel at the last minute, but I did have these pie pumpkins that I'd purchased in bulk for canning so I decided to use them as decoration.

 Family holidays are stressful for me. I have a strong desire to bring everyone together and create memories, but I feel like our families are difficult to pin down. If we don't get together, people are bummed. If I do plan something, I feel like most drag their feet, show up late, don't bring anything, bring something miserly, or simply don't show up at all. I've tried all sorts of things and the only thing I can land on is to do everything "necessary" myself and if people come and contribute then great and if not, oh well. I have to focus more on my little family and creating a nice day for them and if that means cooking and cleaning all day then so be it. I think of it as for them and if other people can benefit great, but they can't really be my focus. That was the mindset I adopted this year and it worked out pretty well!


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