Dresser Refresh

 My uncle made a dresser for me when I was a young teen. I used it and took it with me when Ben and I got married. It used to be pine, but I painted it and placed it in our kitchen that was short on cabinets. 
After we moved from that house, I felt it was too "county" for our tastes so it sat in every basement since then just holding candles, crafts, etc. 

A few weeks ago I started thinking about how I needed more room in our laundry room/pantry and realized that the dresser would fit perfectly. I had some high-gloss paint already so I gave it a few more coats of white paint and then Ben and the boys moved it upstairs for me. 

It now has a snug little home upstairs and is filled with my bottles, herbs, and canning supplies. I love how it all worked out and am so pleased this dresser has a new life.


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