Random Reads: The Non-Prophet's Guide to the Book of Revelation

 I get it. Revelation is a scary book. It's full of awful, weird, scary, confusing things and is usually either completely ignored by or obsessed over by Christians. Up until 18 months ago I couldn't stand to think about it because I felt so confused and fearful about it. 

In some ways, I'm thankful for the mess that was 2020 because it caused us to take a good, hard look at things that we were otherwise completely comfortable ignoring.

Our church wasn't interested in teaching about Revelation, but we got together with some like-minded friends and started watching/listening to Chuck Missler's teaching series on it and boy did we learn a lot! I was so blessed by the study and have recommended it to many people. It was very thorough and in-depth, but not obsessive or creepy. 

This book was recommended to me and I so appreciate how it hits the highlights of what we learned in that 22-hour study (!)  in a neat, compact way. It's not exactly comprehensive in and of itself, but it's a great refresher and something I can see myself reviewing here and there over the coming years.

We're told in the beginning of the book of Revelation that those who read this book are blessed! We should not fear it, but study it just as we would any other book of the Bible. And if you're fearful or wary of it, then don't put it off any further but make it a point to read as soon as possible. You might be surprised at how much is blesses you! You might be shocked at how, instead of being fearful or obsessed, you find yourself more focused on what really matters. 

"Let the thought of standing before Christ in the future drive your present actions. Don't give up on your marriage. Don't walk away from that ministry. Don't stop investing in your children, friendships, local church. Serve those whom the world overlooks. Meet the needs of those who can never pay you back. Do the hard things now. I promise----you won't regret it later!" - Todd Hampson


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