Coffee Shop-ing and Thrift Store-ing

 Today we dragged Gabe out of the house. I honestly wonder how many consecutive days he could hunker down without leaving. I'm guessing a month. Easily. 

Luke works every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and I have to admit that we've not been good about doing things with Gabe. He prefers to be home and Ben and I usually take the weekends to work on our individual projects or just rest. 

Not today!

Ben had to visit a customer in Washington and I love to visit the thrift store there. So we bribed Gabe with a cookie and convinced him to come along. Ben dropped us off and we took our time shopping. I found a shirt, some brand new dry erase markers, and a Christmas at the Biltmore book. Gabe found an old copy of The Hobbit and a Pikachu Switch controller. So we both left happy. 

We then grabbed lunch and snacks at a coffee shop before heading home. 


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