Ben's 43rd Birthday

 Grown up birthdays are often a bit of a letdown, but this was a truly bummer birthday.

The day started off with promise. We were able to check out a fun Friend's-themed coffee shop that we've been meaning to visit for a while now. It was a lot of fun.

The sushi restaurant we ordered from ended up being closed on Tuesdays which I didn't realize until I drove 30 minutes to pick up our order. It turns out Ben had selected the wrong day. Oops.

We then drove to a local sushi place that ended up only being open for takeout. 

Starving to death, we decided to just pop into a local place that was super slow did not have very good food. Womp womp. The silver lining was the paper-covered table that allowed us to play several games of Hangman with the boys. So fun.

We decided to end the day with a move of Ben's choice only to get only 10 minutes into it before Girl Cat had a seizure! That's something that has never happened before and it rattled all of us. Nobody was in the mood for fun after that. 

Cruddy day aside, we still had fun together and celebrated Ben's birthday and how much he means to us. We're blessed to have him!


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