Luke's Desk

 The computer room is really coming along!

I painted the walls a deep green/blue and we found some tan carpet squares to put down on the floor. Ben worked hard on the extra-tall trim and I have to say the room is looking so much better already. And it only took 2 trips to Hoods and 2 trips to Lowe's!

The real inspiration for finishing the room was Luke's new desk. Ben decided to build a desk for each boy - not that the folding table look wasn't awesome. ;) As the desk was near finished, it was clear how out of place it was going to look in the shabby room. 

We worked hard on the room so that it could be finished before the desk was finished. It was worth it.

This desk was quite the project. Lots of roadblocks, but Ben did a great job and I love that Luke will have a custom-made piece to take with him when he moves out some day.


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