Union Station Aquarium

 We headed to the St. Louis Aquarium today. 

When it first opened, we didn't want to fight the crowds so we put off visiting. Then everything was shut down so we waited. Now, finally, restrictions are eased and we're able to check it out.

We've been to a lot of aquariums so I wasn't expecting a lot, but we really enjoyed ourselves and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. Especially those with younger kids.

Cool steampunk decor

Crabby Gabe

Learning about dams and water flow

Fun kid zone for littles

Otter feeding and chat


spitting fish!

Petting a starfish

Stingray tank

Petting tank

Union Station is pretty cool on it's own. Everything is housed under a big steel grid structure. 

ferris wheel

Fountain show with fire and music

Old train

It was a beautiful day so we wandered around for a bit just enjoying ourselves. Union Station holds some good memories for me and I'm so glad it's an aquarium now instead of the mall it was for so long. I don't know how often we'll visit the aquarium, but I'm glad we went and I'm excited St. Louis can boast another quality family attraction.


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