Rocks and Coffee

 Now that we're back home it's time to get into the swing of things. The boys are off school with the exception of an essay-writing class I'm teaching so I'm able to focus on some home projects. More specifically, landscaping projects. Our vacations usually fall during peak landscaping/gardening season so I have to scramble to catch up and get things done before the soul-sucking swampy heat of Missouri Summer makes it's debut. 

My big goal for this year is to get all of my landscaping beds lined. I priced out stones from Lowe's and was not thrilled with the expense. Then I found someone of FB who was getting rid of some natural boulders for free. I love the idea of free, but also really like the more natural look of natural stone/rocks/boulders for our country home.

Ben and the boys went with me to help load and we treated them to snacks at the local coffee shop. It's super cute and has good coffee and snacks. 

Oh, and board games. Gabe had never played Battleship before so we played a round before we had to go.

The rocks were loaded up pretty quickly and I ended up getting them placed that same day. It was only enough to do one of the front beds, but I'll keep looking and hopefully I'll be able to do the rest this summer. 


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