More Blooms

 The worst part about vacation is that we leave MO right when everything is blooming and starting to really take off. We're only ever gone about 2 weeks but so much happens during that time. I HATE missing out.

I've been making an effort to plant somethings over by the drainage ditch. Karen has lots of pretty daylilies and irises on her side. I now have a weigela and some grasses and a butterfly bush on mine. My goal is to keep expanding that bed so I'm hoping everything there takes off.

Drainage Ditch

Ice plant


Weigela up front

Close up of the drainage ditch weigela

Pretty yarrow

I get so many gifted plants and end-of-season clearance plants that I'm never really sure what's going to survive and thrive. It's so exciting to see things make it through the winter and then grow and expand every year. Of course, some things grow faster than expected so I find myself having to dig them up and move them. It's taken a long time for all of my flower beds to really start to look like something, but I feel like a lot of the plants I have are finally starting to settle in and make themselves at home.


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