2021 Vacation: Day 13 - Glenwood Springs, CO

 We spent the morning at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood. This wasn't on the itinerary, but since we had extra time we thought it would be worth it. The boys had been such good troopers about all of the hiking and outdoorsy activities we'd had that we thought it would be worthwhile to do something different. 

The rides were perfect for teens. We rode the Alpine Coaster the Swing, Zip ride, and flyer. They were each adventurous on their own but an extra thrill was layered on because the park is located on the side of the mountain. The swings swing you off the edge and so does the flyer. We had such a blast! Ben and Luke also rode the Haunted Mine Drop, but Gabe and I sat it out.

We toured one of the caves which was a nice way to get out of the sun. We enjoyed learning about the cave and how it was found. It's amazing what beauty can lie under cover, just waiting to be found!

After the adventure park we grabbed lunch at a highly rated local deli. It was so good and really hit the spot. Since we were already packed and ready to go we headed out of town towards home. We all felt good about how we'd spent our last full day of vacation. We'd totally discounted the idea of visiting a theme park with all of the restrictions so it was a fun way to wrap up our two-week adventure.


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