2021 Vacation: Day 12 - Goblin Valley State Park

 Goblin Valley State Park wasn't on our itinerary originally, but our rappelling guide highly recommended it to us and it was right on our way out of Utah. We spent a couple hours exploring the park and probably would have stayed longer if it hadn't been for the heat and the fact that we got separated from Luke and had to track him down.

The formations were so cool and we had totally free range to explore and climb which is pretty rare. It made for a great experience.

While waiting in line in the Visitor's Center we overheard another couple telling the ranger they were from Missouri. We struck up a conversation only to find out they live one street over! I love that!

We hit the road and found ourselves in Glenwood Springs by evening. The interstate was shut down due to an accident so we decided to just find a hotel and dinner for the night. 

Luke and Ben swam in the hot springs and we grabbed an easy dinner in the downtown area. The restaurants were too busy, but there was a delicious pierogi food truck with amazing food.


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