2021 Vacation: Day 11 - Hiking with Llamas

 Today may have been the highlight of the trip for me. 

We woke up and drove along Scenic Byway 12 through the Grand Escalante Staircase until we arrived at a hotel right outside Capitol Reef Park. There we met up with two guides who took us on a llama hike. We peppered the guides with questions about the llamas, the landscape, and the history of the area. The llamas were so fun and full of personality.

Overlook along Scenic Byway 12


After our hike, we decided to try and find some petroglyphs our guides had told us about. It's pretty secretive in order to protect the cliffs so we had a nice little adventure there and back. It was really neat, though, to see the petroglyphs and the old graffiti left by pioneers. 

Thomas 1897

The best petroglyphs I've seen in person.

Next, we drove through Capitol Reef. Not much was open since it was about 4pm, but we did go on one little walk to see some more petroglyphs.

The petroglyphs are hard to see but are on the lower left of the cliff face.

The orchard was closed and Ben and the boys weren't up to any more hikes so we drove through the rest of the park and stopped for pictures here and there.


We ate dinner and grabbed a room in Hanksville, UT knowing that it would be our last full day in UT. 


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