Sneaky Snow

 Well this isn't what I was expecting!

This is the latest snowfall I can recall in my life. I remember getting snow on April first or second back when Ben and I were first married. We'd already planned a trip to TX because the entire Spring had been cold and miserable. 

Getting snow this late in the year threw us for a loop. I didn't even know it was coming until the day before when a friend mentioned it to me and said I might want to cover up my delicate plants. There's nothing quite like scouring the sheds and basements for all the tarps and moving blankets.

I've never had to cover plants before and I wasn't sure if it was even worth the hassle, but I did it and I'm glad I did. I wasn't able to cover every last plant and I can see a difference in the ones that had protection and the ones that didn't.

I know I've said previously that I'll never get tired of snow and I'll never NOT post pictures of snow, but this has pushed the limits even for me. There's a time and a place for snow and late April is not it. See you next year, Winter, buh-bye!


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