Happy 14th Birthday Gabe

 This boy has grown more in the past year than in the previous 3 years together. He went up 2 or 3 shoe sizes over about 4 months. He's a good 3 inches taller than I am. Oh, and he's on track to be as tall if not taller than his big brother. 

He's matured in other ways, too. After years on refusing to get speech therapy, he's now happily meeting online with a speech therapist every week and working hard at getting his tongue to make the "r" sound. And don't even get me started on his passion for learning about web development and game development. He talks about things that are wayyyy over my head every day and I couldn't be more proud. 

Also, I find myself really appreciating his insights on deep things like faith and politics. This is a kid who can mine the depths of good literature and share connections and observations that make you think. 

He's so grown up now that he decided against a birthday party and decided to just invite some friends over. Sigh. Uncle Tim made his actual birthday fun by hiding his gift and making him search the yard for it. What? Don't most kids have to dig their presents out of the garbage can? A unique birthday for a unique kid.


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